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From Dickens' Fur Coat and Charlotte's Unanswered Letters by Daniel Pool. Dickens was touring America in 1868.

When a twelve-year-old admirer named Kate Douglas Wiggin (later to be the author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm) materialized beside his seat on the train from Portland, Maine, to Boston, a brief light moment was provided. After rhapsodizing over Dickens' novels, she admitted that she did now and then omit "some of the very dull parts." Dickens roared with laughter and pressed for details as to which parts were the the clunkers. She helpfully enumerated them, she later recalled, "dealing these infant blows, under the delusion that I was flinging him bouquets."
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Avi - Beyond the Western Sea
Ugly Betty
That 70s Show (see icon)
Kate Douglas Wiggin - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Now Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm isn't on the giant masterlist, but I talked about it with one Yuletider once. If zero people offer Rebecca, I may replace it with either The Demon's Lexicon or the Gentleman Bastard sequence (though both pairings are kind of doing it wrong).

ROSF is typical turn of the century girl lit - Rebecca's the third of seven fatherless children and is sent to live with her maiden aunts, who are pretty much Aunt Elizabeth and Aunt Laura from Emily of New Moon. The whole book is very Montgomery-ish. There's a second book called New Chronicles of Rebecca, which isn't quite a sequel because most of it takes place before the end of ROSF. Rebecca and Emma Jane have a femslashy Romantic Two Girl Friendship. There is some May/December canon het. Both books are in the public domain.

I've talked enough about Beyond the Western Sea, haven't I?


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