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A thing I forgot to mention in my last post: [community profile] historicalyafen is now open for older picture, children's, and YA books. If you have any fanworks or recs for such fandoms, please post them! I was going to post a Sodapop/Steve fic I wrote but it appears that I recycled it.
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Finished Monstrous Regiment and A Hat Full of Sky. I love Jackrum and Maladict so much, and I enjoyed Tonker/Lofty as Discworld's first same-sex couple. HFoS was good but I liked The Wee Free Men better. Still, Tiffany and Granny Weatherwax make an excellent pair. I only have nine novels left!

I am interested in the upcoming Little Women miniseries. Even if it's terrible Angela Lansbury as Aunt March will be worth watching.
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What I finished reading this week:

Night Watch. I really enjoyed meeting the younger versions of Sam and Vetinari. And very briefly Sybil - Sybil is such an underused character.

What I'm reading now

The Wee Free Men, which was the first Pratchett book I ever read back in 2009 or 2010. It's actually even better than I remember. Tiffany is SO WONDERFUL. There are so many good lines:

"Eight inches. Why didn't they just say?"

"Patronizing is a big word. Zoology is really quite short."

"I'm not familiar. I'm just slightly presumptuous."

"If you trust in yourself, and believe in your dreams, and follow your star, you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy."

What I'm reading next:

Thick as Thieves since it just came in at the library.

June first

Jun. 1st, 2017 12:17 pm
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I have finished The Truth! I was looking forward to this one, because I remember William and Saccarissa from roleplaying and I liked them there. And I liked them in canon and enjoyed seeing Vimes from the point of view of someone who dislikes him.

Now it's Thief of Time, which it turns out is not the book where Vimes goes back in time. But it's about Susan and she's the greatest.

The [community profile] fic_corner exchange is running this year, but I haven't yet decided whether or not to sign up.
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And I saw the first butterfly of the year.

Have finished Hogfather, which is book 20 of 41, so now I am halfway through. Next up is Jingo. I hope Sybil is in it; she wasn't in Feet of Clay.
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The first book you read in 2016:
Republic of Thieves. That feels like more than a year ago.

The last book you finished in 2016:
Interesting Times. Fitting, no?

The first book you will finish (or did finish!) in 2017:
Hamilton: The Revolution

How many books read in 2016?

Fiction/Non-Fiction ratio?
Just the one about the Irish famine.
Read more... )
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Fantastic Beasts was adorable and the new Anne of Green Gables was terrible.
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100 non-sff books by women
Bold = read, italics = read another book by the same author, strikeout = didn't finish, underline = plan to read

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The Amazon ads on Tumblr really want me to buy the Gormenghast books.

Also Chernow and the Hamiltome, but that makes sense; I reblog Hamilton posts. I don't know why Gormenghast.
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1. The thing about Grey's Anatomy is, even if De Luca had raped Jo, that wouldn't make what Alex did okay. Alex insulted Jo by implying that she's incapable of doing her own punching and I'd glad she dumped him. I was neutral about him before this but now I hate Alex. And I don't even care for Jo; it's the principal of the thing.

That said, I enjoyed his surgeon-in-the-clinic scenes.

2. I will watch Fantastic Beasts out of a kind of fannish obligation, but I'm not excited about it. In fact I don't think there's a single movie coming out this or next year that I'm excited about. Well, there's Wonder Woman, but that's again more out of obligation than any actual investment in the character.

3. I can't bear the thought of not having Internet at home on election day. I don't want to find out the results from TV; I want to have Tumblr and FFA and chat open in different tabs.
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What I read this week

I had an urge to reread Issola by Brust, which is my favorite of the series because of the constant interaction between the relationships I like best, Vlad and the Dragons. It has particularly excellent dialogue, and I confess I kind of ship Vlad/Teldra. How can I not when he notices her dimples?

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I only wish the library had Iorich so I could reread that one.

What I'm reading now
The Discworld journey continues with Small Gods. It started out slow, but it picked up once Brutha and Vorbis got to Ephebe. Brutha is adorable and Fri'it is interesting.

Although Pratchett does like the sheltered, good-hearted, sexually inexperienced young man. I'm not saying Mort, Nijel, Victor, Teppic, Carrot, and Brutha are the same character, but they are variations on a theme. On the other hand it's a character type I generally like and one Pratchett writes super well. EDIT: Okay, Teppic isn't sheltered, but he's pure of heart.

I love that CMOT Dibbler shows up, and I was pleased that Djelibeybi was mentioned.

What I'm reading next

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Howl's Moving Castle was published in 1986, and I was born in 1991, so I could have read it before but I didn't grow up reading fantasy, much to my regret.

Sophie Hatter is the eldest of three sisters and in Ingary "where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist" everyone knows that the eldest in doomed to fail at seeking their fortune. One day the Witch of the Waste visits the hat shop that Sophie's stepmother runs and turns Sophie into an old woman. Sophie sets off to fix the spell and ends up at the home of the wizard Howl, who has a reputation for stealing girls and their hearts. Read more... )
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1. The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch (reread)
2. Beyond the Western Sea by Avi (reread)
3. Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carriger
4. The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
5. Career of Evil by J. K. RowlingRead more... )

I read Sourcery out of order because it was in an omnibus of the first four Rincewind books. And I read Eric out of order because I wanted to read both Goethe and Marlowe first. My favorites so far are Guards! Guards!, Wyrd Sisters, and Pyramids.

I didn't really care for An Old-Fashioned Girl. The way Polly never messes up and Fanny is always wrong annoyed me. But the Rose books are still enjoyable.
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You know how you pronounce a word wrong because you've only ever read it in a book? Yeah, I learned from last week's episode of Outlander that the s in viscount is silent.

(I'm not watching the show – just that one episode. I couldn't resist young John; he's one of my all-time favorite characters.)

Right now I'm reading Reaper Man, the second Death book, which is very good so far. The “esprit de corpse” joke made me laugh out loud. I thought Susan would be in it but turns out she doesn't appear until Soul Music. So I have that to look forward too.
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If you're reading this on Dreamwidth, I edited my default icon a little. I think it looks better, but I'm not certain.

Back in January I started this series of books called Discworld. Against all recommendation I'm reading them in publication order, partly because I don't like making decisions and partly because I wanted to see how Pratchett developed as a writer. (Spellcheck appears to recognize his name!) Last week I read Wyrd Sisters, which is my favorite so far. I love Death, all the witches, and Twoflower.


Dec. 1st, 2015 02:14 pm
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I finished The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia. I have A Conspiracy of Kings checked out but I'm not in the mood for it, partly because it's from Sophis's POV. Gen and Irene were so amazing in TKoA. My favorite scene was Read more... )
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 photo 93d6de2a-3dc0-4f51-8fe2-117f98d4b96b.jpg

I don't suppose I'll be able to participate but here it is!


Nov. 19th, 2015 08:31 am
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I thought today was my 10 year LJ anniversary and then I looked and turns out it was yesterday. I had this post written:

Happy ten year LJ anniversary to me!

Oh and my birthday is tomorrow but that doesn't end in 0 so who cares. The fact that they're a day apart isn't a coincidence. My birthday is near Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving weekend movies come out. The Goblet of Fire movie came out in 2005, and I couldn't bear the thought of only discussing it on the Nickelodeon message boards. So I made a journal with my email address that didn't even work, and a week later I finally worked up the courage to make a Yahoo address. I was scared that my dad would get mad if I made my own email. He thought I wanted it to email my friends, but I only wanted to join websites, but I was paranoid that if he knew I was talking to strangers online he would never let me use the computer again.
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I've always wanted a butterfly to land on me and today it happened!

I'm reading The Queen of Attolia. I quite like it. I know Gen/Attolia is canon but I was kind of shipping Eddis/Gen until Gen and Eddis brought it up.


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