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Caddy ([personal profile] nocowardsoul) wrote2015-11-19 08:31 am


I thought today was my 10 year LJ anniversary and then I looked and turns out it was yesterday. I had this post written:

Happy ten year LJ anniversary to me!

Oh and my birthday is tomorrow but that doesn't end in 0 so who cares. The fact that they're a day apart isn't a coincidence. My birthday is near Thanksgiving, and on Thanksgiving weekend movies come out. The Goblet of Fire movie came out in 2005, and I couldn't bear the thought of only discussing it on the Nickelodeon message boards. So I made a journal with my email address that didn't even work, and a week later I finally worked up the courage to make a Yahoo address. I was scared that my dad would get mad if I made my own email. He thought I wanted it to email my friends, but I only wanted to join websites, but I was paranoid that if he knew I was talking to strangers online he would never let me use the computer again.