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1. It's a good thing I checked my email today because tomorrow's a snow day.

2. Thursday is the second anniversary of [community profile] historicalyafen. There will be a commentfic fest. It will be on the LJ community because there are more places to promote it than on DW.

3. I went to Barnes and Noble and the reprint of the first Beyond the Western Sea book was there. The second book has been changed from Lord Kirkle's Money to Into the Storm. It won't be out until May 1. I'm disappointed it's not a one volume edition, but at least people will read it. If you have any interest in awesome siblings, Victorian thieves and con men, floating churches, angry introverted good girls, gallant actors, weaselly redheads named Fred, or little badass woobies, check it out.

It also has a brand new section on, only I somehow forgot to put Laurence on the character list. I'll have to email them again sometime.
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You guys, you can read the first 67 pages of Beyond the Western Sea on the Harper Collins website: Take a look at it? It is my favorite YA book ever and my favorite Avi book and I am requesting it again for Yuletide.

I am also requesting Bloody Jack and the Gentleman Bastard Sequence. I don't know about the fourth one. I don't want to request Little Women this year because I know I'll be matched on it. Maybe Sally Lockhart, or Emily of New Moon? Or Westmark? Sparrow and Weasel fic would be cool.
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Maura's dislike of Grout
Maura's insistence on getting her bundle. Mrs Sonderbye has no right to her things!
Maura slapping Toggs
Every word out of Maura's mouth
Kirkles! Complex family dynamics for the win.
Laurence and Lord Kirkle's parallel refusals to tell the truth. Oh, you don't even know how much you're his son, do you boy?
Every time Lord Kirkle says "my boy"
How completely delusional Sergeant Rumpkin is
Mr Knox the sarcastic officer
Fred calling Maura a lady
"What do you mean by races?" BE MORE NAIVE, LAURENCE. Oh wait, that's impossible.
Laurence's habit of crying shamelessly
That Patrick thinks his sister is awesome
That the brother-sister relationship is equally important and awesome as the bromance
Grout teasing Clemspool
Lucy Pickler. Yeah, she has eight lines and she's a faithful wife archetype, but she's cute.
The phrase "comely lass." I will never stop finding that funny.
Laurence shakes his head when Fred asks, "Do you trust me?"
Fred's crowning moment of awesome at the end.
That the Kirkles call each other by their first name, unlike every other married couple in this book. Yeah, I ship them.


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