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Caddy ([personal profile] nocowardsoul) wrote2016-04-01 01:33 pm

I didn't mean to not update for 3 months. It just happened.

If you're reading this on Dreamwidth, I edited my default icon a little. I think it looks better, but I'm not certain.

Back in January I started this series of books called Discworld. Against all recommendation I'm reading them in publication order, partly because I don't like making decisions and partly because I wanted to see how Pratchett developed as a writer. (Spellcheck appears to recognize his name!) Last week I read Wyrd Sisters, which is my favorite so far. I love Death, all the witches, and Twoflower.
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[personal profile] wordweaverlynn 2016-04-02 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, how lucky you are to have so many great books ahead of you.