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Guys, someone wrote me Jacky Faber femslash!

And there is a whole bunch of fic in a whole bunch of other fandoms. I am in love with the Fanny Price Fight Club story. In love, I say.
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Turns out I still one code each for the Archive of Our Own and Dreamwidth. Does anyone want them?

I haven't started my Yuletide fic yet, but I have finished reviewing canon, and it's an even better canon than I remembered it being.

I like this Tumblr post: Why I hate people who hate Amy March.
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You guys, you can read the first 67 pages of Beyond the Western Sea on the Harper Collins website: Take a look at it? It is my favorite YA book ever and my favorite Avi book and I am requesting it again for Yuletide.

I am also requesting Bloody Jack and the Gentleman Bastard Sequence. I don't know about the fourth one. I don't want to request Little Women this year because I know I'll be matched on it. Maybe Sally Lockhart, or Emily of New Moon? Or Westmark? Sparrow and Weasel fic would be cool.
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(No, really, I will make a real post tomorrow.)

Little Women, Maurice, The Demon's Lexicon, American Girl (Kit), Ramoma Quimby, Valentine's Day, Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, 101 Dalmatians, Lord of the FliesRead more... )
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Saw Deathly Hallows.Read more... )

Red Riding Hood - Yawn.
The Green Lantern - I'm not into superheroes. Amusingly followed by
The Green Hornet - Is this the next big slash fandom?
Kung Fu Panda 2 - Made everyone laugh.
Night of the Witch - Meh.

Yuletide assignment is good. Me being predictable, but I don't mind.
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My Yuletide nomination:
Avi - Beyond the Western Sea
Ugly Betty
Kate Douglas Wiggin - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
L A Meyer - Bloody Jack
Philip Pullman - Sally Lockhart
Lauren Willig - Pink Carnation

I read The Demon's Covenant and loved it and Mae. Drunk!Jamie is the best thing ever, and Sin is awesome. I especially like that Mae isn't athletic because the brave and confident girls are usually athletic. Variation is always good.

Then I read Little Men for what was only the third time (I like Jo's Boys better). It turns out that I do ship Jo/Bhaer and I do like Dan, I just like so many other more than him. Also, I don't understand why there isn't fic about the second-gen girls being awesome. Seriously, half of them have careers and one is going to sail around the world!
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Avi - Beyond the Western Sea
Ugly Betty
That 70s Show (see icon)
Kate Douglas Wiggin - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Now Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm isn't on the giant masterlist, but I talked about it with one Yuletider once. If zero people offer Rebecca, I may replace it with either The Demon's Lexicon or the Gentleman Bastard sequence (though both pairings are kind of doing it wrong).

ROSF is typical turn of the century girl lit - Rebecca's the third of seven fatherless children and is sent to live with her maiden aunts, who are pretty much Aunt Elizabeth and Aunt Laura from Emily of New Moon. The whole book is very Montgomery-ish. There's a second book called New Chronicles of Rebecca, which isn't quite a sequel because most of it takes place before the end of ROSF. Rebecca and Emma Jane have a femslashy Romantic Two Girl Friendship. There is some May/December canon het. Both books are in the public domain.

I've talked enough about Beyond the Western Sea, haven't I?


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