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Just finished

Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan, which took me forever to read, considering its brevity. I generally find contemporary YA hard to love, so I doubt I'll continue the series.

Currently reading

Gloriana's Torch by Patricia Finney. aslfjsalfj

It was 2007 when I looked at my little sister's Scholastic book order (remember those?), and I saw the Lady Grace Mysteries. They are a series about one of Elizabeth I's maids of honor who solvers mysteries at court. Some of them are written by Patricia Finney and some co-written by Sara Vogler and Jan Burchett. The plots are simple enough for a older reader to figure out before Grace does, but she's a delightful character, and the historical details and Elizabeth's appearances are excellent.

Now fast forward to 2011, when someone on the Yuletide fandom promotion post mentions Finney's adult Elizabethan novels, beginning with Firedrake's Eye. I immediately checked it out. And it was awesome. David Becket is an ex-soldier turned swordmaster. Simon Ames is an inquisitor for Elizabeth's spymaster. His family members are real historical people, but he isn't. He's Jewish and far-sighted and a geek. Like in one scene, they're sitting in the Tower of London, and Becket says, "What the hell are you doing?" (Not an actual quote). And Simon says that he's trying to figure out how the Earth stays up if the planets revolve around the sun.

In Firedrake's Eye they foil a plot to assassinate the queen during a parade. Unicorn's Blood is about the search for her childhood diary. It's more interesting than it sounds and the most pro-choice narrative I've ever encountered. Gloriana's Torch is about the Spanish Armada, including AU dream sequences where it succeeds.

While it may be called the Becket and Ames series, there are a number of interesting characters. A great portrait of Elizabeth. Her clever fool, Thomasina de Paris, a little person. Simon's wife Rebecca, who is currently attempting to rescue him from the Spanish Inquisition. Merula, a West African woman searching for her son, who was sold into slavery. Poor Tom o' Bedlam. David's sweet, provincial brother Philip.

The blurb on my copy says "The le Carre of the sixteenth century." Other reviews compare Finney to Patrick O'Brian and Dorothy Dunnett.

Reading next

I shouldn't be reading anything; I have classwork to do. Although I have Meg Rosoff's What I Was out from the library.
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(No, really, I will make a real post tomorrow.)

Little Women, Maurice, The Demon's Lexicon, American Girl (Kit), Ramoma Quimby, Valentine's Day, Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, 101 Dalmatians, Lord of the FliesRead more... )
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I looked at, AO3, [ profile] marmalade_fish, [ profile] lexiconfiction, and skimmed every post at [ profile] goblinmarket_sw. But I didn't see a single Alan/Jamie fic, only Nick/Jamie and Nick/Alan.

And I can't request it for Yuletide because I have already five possible fandoms. I may just write it myself when I've finished the second book.

Real update coming after class.
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I finished it in 24 hours, not because it was extremely suspenseful but so I could reread SRB's livejournal comments about Mae. I'm on Team Jamie the Charmingly Awkward (and gay, which is mentioned in passing, and I think Alan is intentionally ambiguously bi). Like but don't love Alan, same for Mae, indifferent to Nick the sociopath. Stoic characters are more interesting (to me, anyway) when they're repressed rather than truly emotionless. Take Cara in Legend of the Seeker - we all know that deep down she loves Richard and Kahlan.

The opening scene with the ravens was well-done, though I'd like to know why Nick kept his favorite sword under the sink of all places. I didn't figure out Read more... )

I'm still going to read the second one. It has more of Sin, who sounds interesting, and maybe Mae's voice is better than Nick's.

Has anyone written a Supernatural crossover yet? Or a Leandros brothers one, or both?

EDIT: Emotionless or Stoicism doesn't make one a sociopath. There's nothing wrong with being emotionless or stoic. It's just that Nick never does anything to make me fond of him.


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