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Finished Monstrous Regiment and A Hat Full of Sky. I love Jackrum and Maladict so much, and I enjoyed Tonker/Lofty as Discworld's first same-sex couple. HFoS was good but I liked The Wee Free Men better. Still, Tiffany and Granny Weatherwax make an excellent pair. I only have nine novels left!

I am interested in the upcoming Little Women miniseries. Even if it's terrible Angela Lansbury as Aunt March will be worth watching.

August 1

Aug. 1st, 2015 10:21 am
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I have heard about CW's Little Women and I have zero interest in watching it. That said I think the "trying not to murder each other" line may have been meant less literally than people seem to be interpreting it. And does this mean ABC isn't doing their modern day AU show?

Why does nobody want to do modern day AU Jo's Boys? It's about 80% a college story; it would be so easy! The hardest part is finding an alternative name for Adolphus.

...that reminds me, I need to finish Nothing Much to Do. Don't you just love that title?
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Title: Companions in Shipwreck
Fandom: Little Women
Pairing: Emil Hoffmann/Mary Hardy
Rating: PG
Theme Set: Gamma
Word Count: 1332

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Various thoughts from the past two weeks:

But why not do something new? Why not An Old-Fashioned Girl or Eight Cousins or A Long Fatal Love Chase? Oh, what if someone made a miniseries of Work?

And then I looked at Alcott's IMDB profile and there's a second TV movie of The Inheritance that I never heard about. I don't care for that book, but it looks interesting. Also, does that mean it's public domain, and if it is, is A Long Fatal Love Chase?

This will result in so much fanfic.

I don't really have any casting ideas (fancasting in general is thing I don't do).

Give us the Laurie/Amy rowboat scene, please! Please please please.

I'm not very excited. A little bit excited, but not so much. When there are casting announcements and stills and a trailer, then I'll probably get more squeeful.

What if they did two movies, though? Mr. March could exist and Beth and Amy and Meg could get character arcs.

No, seriously, there will be so much fic.


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