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It put me in Ravenclaw, which is good. I'm VineGhost3160 if you want to friend me, though I have no idea how much I'll use the site. Mostly I just wanted to be Sorted.
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I went to a Quidditch game on Saturday and it was quite fun. My favorite part is when the Snitch, a cross country runner who spends the game wandering around campus, appears on the pitch and everyone stands up and watches the Seekers chase him down while completely ignoring the rest of the game. In Muggle Quidditch the Snitch is worth 30 points.

Linguistics was cancelled yesterday, so I walked to the library and checked out The Mark of the Golden Dragon (the latest Bloody Jack book), Cleopatra's Daughter (making my way down this list), and Lyra's Oxford for some reason. For some reason because I, um, don't like His Dark Materials aside from my giant crushes on Lee Scoresby and Serafina Pekkala.

In the evening I went to a haunted house, but it was pretty unscary. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it. I saw an Eleventh Doctor at Quidditch and a very cool Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon.

Is it yuletide yet is it yuletide yet? Actually, I need to finish my letter.
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Saw Deathly Hallows.Read more... )

Red Riding Hood - Yawn.
The Green Lantern - I'm not into superheroes. Amusingly followed by
The Green Hornet - Is this the next big slash fandom?
Kung Fu Panda 2 - Made everyone laugh.
Night of the Witch - Meh.

Yuletide assignment is good. Me being predictable, but I don't mind.


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