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Feb 1879
Went to dinner at the Revere House of the Papyrus Club. Mrs Burnett & Miss A. were guests of honor. Dr Holmes took me in, & to my surprise I found myself at the Presidents right hand with Mrs B. Holmes Stedman & the great ones of the land. Had a gay time. Dr H. very gallant. "Little Women" often toasted with more praise than was good for me.

Saw Mrs Burnett at a lunch & took her & Mrs. M. M. Dodge to Concord for a lunch. Most agreeable woman.

January 1885
1st Several pleasant Sunday evenings at E. P. Whipples. See Mrs Burnett & like her.

January 16
Snow. Out in a.m. Called on E[lizabeth] W[ells] & R[uth]. In p.m. to see Mrs F. H. Burnett & Mrs Newman. Wrote in eve. Feel better.

Home for a day or two. Father walks better & seemed better.

My mind-cure not a success. First I am told to be "passive". So I do, say & think nothing. No effect. Then I am not "positive" enough, must exert my mind. Do so & try to grasp the mystery. Then I am "too positive" & must not try to understand anything. Inconsistency & too much hurry. God & Nature cant be hustled about every ten minutes to cure a doze different ails. Too much money made & too much delusion all around.

Mrs Burnett is trying it. Says it quiets her mind but does n't help her body. Too much to claimed for it.

February 8
Quiet day. Read & rested. To Whipples in the eve. Mrs F. H. Burnett &c. pleasant eve.

Rested in a.m. Took F. H. Burnett to drive in p.m.

October 31
Rain. Read Dr Mitchell's book. Not very good. Call on Mrs Burnett. Fix acts. with J[ohn].


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