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What I read this week

I had an urge to reread Issola by Brust, which is my favorite of the series because of the constant interaction between the relationships I like best, Vlad and the Dragons. It has particularly excellent dialogue, and I confess I kind of ship Vlad/Teldra. How can I not when he notices her dimples?

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I only wish the library had Iorich so I could reread that one.

What I'm reading now
The Discworld journey continues with Small Gods. It started out slow, but it picked up once Brutha and Vorbis got to Ephebe. Brutha is adorable and Fri'it is interesting.

Although Pratchett does like the sheltered, good-hearted, sexually inexperienced young man. I'm not saying Mort, Nijel, Victor, Teppic, Carrot, and Brutha are the same character, but they are variations on a theme. On the other hand it's a character type I generally like and one Pratchett writes super well. EDIT: Okay, Teppic isn't sheltered, but he's pure of heart.

I love that CMOT Dibbler shows up, and I was pleased that Djelibeybi was mentioned.

What I'm reading next

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Except I didn't access the internet on the first, so here we are.

1. My nephew was born on January 25! His name is Derrick, after his great-uncle, and he's super cute. He was 9 pounds 3 ounces.

2. [community profile] halfamoon is up and running. I don't know if I'll be able to write anything for it, but I look forward to checking out everything posted.

3. I wrote some Dragaera Ibronka/Roanna fic the other day, but I can't post it until I check it for in-characterness. The library here doesn't have Viscount of Adrilankha.

4. Weren't those Superbowl commercials rather boring? Not that I didn't appreciate the domestic violence awareness. And the Budweiser puppy was cute.
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(I've never done multiple cut tags on Dreamwidth - no, wait, I did for the May Alcott post. Okay, let's hope I remember how to do them right.)

Republic of Thieves! It was better than Red Seas Under Red Skies, and Sabetha was great. There were two things I think would have been nice.Read more... )

I also read Steven Brust's The Paths of the Dead. Cool to see young Morrolan, Teldra and Zerika, enjoyed reading about the main four again. Looked for Ibronka/Roaana fic and there was none. Might write it myself once I'm done with the series. There was one line in the foreword that confused me: "Paarfi also lectures on writing at academies around the city, and especially provides encouragement to young women, whose voices are so underrepresented in our fiction." Dragaera is a gender-egalitarian society, so why are young women underrepresented? Maybe it's the young part and not the women part? I don't know.


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